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The demographic situation improvement undoubtedly is a key factor of stable development of our country. The demographic crisis limited the socio-economic potential of Russia and creates a real threat to national security.

On the slide you can see the diagram on which the birth rate and the death rate evolution since 1950 till 2008 is represented. As you can see since 1988 before 1993 dramatic birth rate decrease was occurring simultaneously [sim(?)l’tein?sli] with the rapid death rate increase. This phenomenon acquires the name “Russian cross”.

The demographic problems have been attending since Vladimir Putin came to power. Since a number of measures on improvement of the demographic situation were developed. These are child benefits increase, recovery of expenses for preschool education. Such measures as mother care and birth certificates were brought into for the first time.

I’m telling you about birth certificates. The program was effective in January in 2006. The birth certificate give a pregnant woman the right to choose maternity welfare clinic, where she would like to be observed and the right to choose the maternity hospital, where she would like to bear.

The enactment of the program purposes to increase of material incentives of medical institution to render quality medical aid to pregnant women.

There was also a purpose to decrease abortion rate as the workers in maternity welfare clinics would have an incentive to dissuade a woman from abortion.

Target audience of the program is the maternity welfare clinics, maternity hospitals and children’s polyclinics.

The par valid of the certificate is 10000 rubles. The amount is distributed among medical institutions in such proportion:

3000 rubles are earmarked for payment for the services rendered to the women during the pregnancy,
6000 rubles are earmarked for the maternity hospitals,
And 1000 rubles go to the children’s polyclinics where the child is observed during the first year.

Initially the par valid was 7000 rubles, and the amount was distributed just among maternity welfare clinics and maternity hospitals.

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