Funny Lessons — Party, party, party!

Age: Young adult – adult

Level: Intermediate+

Objective: To practise party/social-gathering vocabulary; revision of social expressions and introductions

Time: 30 minutes

Materials: Party role cards

Key Vocabulary: a stag party, fancy dress, a girls’ night out, a housewarming party, a book launch, a wedding reception, the groom, the bride, the hostess, a pub crawl, a publisher, a book review, a sibling, to date someone


1. Teach/revise social expressions used when you first meet someone, e.g. Hello, my name is…, May I ask your name?, Nice to meet you.

2. Make one photocopy of the sheet of role cards for every twelve students. Give one role card to each student, handing them out randomly. If you’ve got an odd number of students, give two students a copy of the first stag party role card.

3. Ask students to complete any gaps on their role card with an appropriate word/phrase. They could also take this opportunity to check the meanings of any unknown vocabulary in their dictionary or with you.

4. Tell the students to imagine they are going to attend the event on the invitation, but they have to find it first. They should mingle until they’ve found the other student(s) attending their event. Then they should imagine they’re at the party, and introduce themselves using the information on their role cards.

5. After they’ve had a few minutes to play the characters on their cards, tell them that they are now all at a New Year’s Eve party. This time, they should assume the identity of their first partner and interact with another partner, talking about the party they have just been to: Was it good? Why (not)?, etc. They should switch partners every minute or so. To wind down the activity, start a New Year’s countdown (10… 9… 8… 7…) and at ‘Happy New Year!’ have them all sit down for feedback.

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