Фонетика. Слогоделение

Как и две другие единицы звуковой подсистемы – кинакема и фонема. – слог в определенном аспекте представляет собой предельную, мельчайшую единицу. Кинакема – предельная единица на уровне импульсации произносительного аппарата, фонема – на уровне организации речевого потока. Последняя по своей природе линейна. Continue reading

Theoretical ph. 3 курс

Phonetics as a science, its object and methods of investigation. The functions of speech sounds. Phonetics is a branch of science, which studies speech sounds (segmental level of analysis) and intonation, accentual structure, syllabic structure (super segmental level) and phono-stylistic aspects. Its object of investigation (the smaller one) is speech sound. Continue reading


Мой любимый вид работы

Три года многочисленного анализирования отрывков их художественных текстов мне очень полюбилось это занятие. Даже темой своего диплома я выбрала «Жанрово-стилистические особенности романа Джона Фаулза «Женщина французского лейтенанта», раскрытие которой представляет собой анализ стилистических и композиционных приемов и анализ литературы по данной теме. Continue reading

4.2 Топики

Topic 1. The Problems of Divorce and Marriage

For the recent years there have been many changes in family life. Some of these have been a result of changes in society. Nowadays young people wait longer before getting married. The reason for this is the unwillingness of the youth to share the apartments with their parents especially after getting married. Continue reading

Analysis 2

Analysis of Text Two

The text under analysis is an extract from the novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird” written by Harper Lee, an American writer. It was her only book, and when it was first published in 1960, Harper Lee became known all over the world. The critics called it another masterpiece of the “Huckleberry Finn’s Adventures” kind, as the readers were struck by the sincere ingenuousness of her style. Continue reading